The Physics of Complex Systems
Dr. David Wilkinson
Professor of Political Science

Dr. David Wilkinson

Synopsis of background:

Dr. David Wilkinson is a Professor of Political Science at UCLA.


On Homeokinetics:

"The world that we live in is complex, and full of problems, such as runaway deficits, crumbling infrastructure, spreading computer networks, etc. Yet these problems, and many others, share something basic in common that offers hope for approaches that could shed light on all of them at once; for all of them are problems of COMPLEX SYSTEMS; and there now exist some general principles for the analysis of complex systems, of what they have in common. These principles of 'systems physics' are sometimes labeled, after their chief expounder, Dr. Arthur S. Iberall, 'Iberallian comparative physics'; but he himself calls them 'homeokinesis.'"

"In terms of recent issues in political science, homeokinesis can be used to address problems of contemporary political management, e.g. consequences of zeroing out various national research budget vs. consequences of accelerating the research effort in critical areas."

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